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What Is The Price of Marijuana in Thailand?

cost of weed in Thailand

The price of marijuana in Thailand varies from province to province and several other factors. In this post, we outline the prices in some parts of the country and in general as well as providing links to websites with further information.

What Is The Price of Marijuana in Thailand?

Prices are changing every day depending on the location, vendor, availability, competition, amount of purchase, time of the year, quality and cannabis genetics. But generally speaking, the prices below are a good general insight.

Samut PrakanSamut Prakan $18 a gram high quality Aug 28, 2022
Hua HinPrachuap Khiri Khan $20 a gram medium quality Jul 28, 2022
PattayaChon Buri $100 an ounce medium quality Jul 17, 2022
PattayaChon Buri $60 10 grams medium quality Jun 27, 2022
Chiang MaiChiang Mai $5 a gram medium quality Jun 5, 2022

The figures above are the most recent user submitted data regarding the prices of marijuana in Thailand. You can find more up date information on Thai weed prices at

“Imported cannabis buds used to cost up to 700 baht ($20) per gram, but prices have since halved, Jiratti said” –

What Is The General Price of Cannabis in Thailand?

Here’s what you could expect to pay depending on the quality of cannabis on sale.

Quality Average ($/Oz.)* Sample Size
High Quality $410 26
Medium Quality $268 61
Low Quality I feel bad for these guys –> 9

The figures above are from Price of Weed, Thailand, please visit their website for detailed updates.

Will Thailands Relaxation on Weed Laws Change Prices?

As the nation of Thailand further embraces the new marijuana laws in the country, the more people will grow the plant increasing availability. More than likely, growers will be competing with each other to make a sale which means prices will lower to beat other competitors. This will also be based on where you are as a buyer in Thailand as some places will have more vendors than others.

What Is The Price of Marijuana in Thailand?

One must look at the marijuana strains for sale at the place of potential purchase – as some strains aren’t genetically the same as others. As mentioned above, perhaps an imported strain from Europe might be more expensive but can serve you better than local varieties in Thailand with little to no undocumented history.

Some will still ask “What Is The Price of Marijuana in Thailand?”, to be short and sweet, it depends on several factors;

  • Cannabis Genetics
  • Imported/Local Strain
  • Amount of Purchase
  • Location of Sale
  • Vendor (do you know them??)
  • Competition in the Area
  • Time of the Year

Cannabis Genetics

Some strains of cannabis are genetically better than others. You may not notice this until you try out a strain bred by experts then trying out strains that are commonly found in Thailand.

Imported/Local Marijuana Strains

Imported cannabis strains in Thailand is becoming more popular – as growers know a large selection of marijuana strains from overseas have been bred by experts to produce unique characteristics and distinctive effects.

Local marijuana strains from Thailand can contend with imported varieties however there isn’t as big of a selection to choose from. If you have any information on high quality Thailand cannabis strains, please comment below.

Amount of Purchase

We all know the amount of cannabis you intend to purchase changes the price of your order, please refer to the table above for general information on amount and costs.

Location of Sale

Depending on the province your in can have an effect on the price of weed for you. Some parts of the country such as Chiang MaiChiang Mai, the price is $5 a gram for medium grade marijuana bud where as in Hua HinPrachuap Khiri Khan, it is $20 a gram for the same quality cannabis.


Some vendors may be cheaper than others. It would depend on how much stock they have available, what type of strains they have, how well they know you etc. We say to treat each vendor well and they will treat you well.

Competition in the Area

If your in an area in Thailand where there’s lots of marijuana vendors, there will be competition so you will notice prices will be lower with some vendors than others to get a buyer.

Time of the Year

During the festive seasons, marijuana prices may lower. Have a look at the different holidays in Thailand to get thrifty with the prices. You could snap up a great bargain if you travel at the right time.

Final Words on The Price of Marijuana in Thailand

If you’re ready to purchase marijuana in Thailand, we hope this article serves you well and if you have any additions or feed back for us, please leave a comment below.

We’d love to hear from our readers to better our website and provide more accurate information for you.

To buy cannabis seeds in Thailand, visit the link.

Thank you and happy 420!


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