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Is Weed Legal in Thailand Now? Hmm.. Wait.

Woman in Thailand Smokes Marijuana After Law Changed

Times of rejoice arrived at the beautiful country of Thailand – as many are in excess of joy to see that cannabis, also known as “marijuana or weed”, has become finally decriminalised. But how legal is it really?

After Canada and Uruguay, Thailand became the third nation in the world (and the first in Asia) to decriminalise marijuana on the 9th of June, 2022. It’s worth noting that even the USA have not relaxed its marijuana laws to this effect (cannabis is federally illegal in the United States, although it is legal for recreational use in 19 states and the District of Columbia.) –

This opens up many possibilities for industrial and medical marijuana growers in Thailand as they can now legally cultivate the highly stigmatised plant to help those in need and boost the nations economy.

Tourists today may choose from dozens of stores and stalls adorned with neon marijuana leaves that sell shimmering buds of White Widow, Hindu Kush, and Lemon Skunk as they traverse the Thai capital. –

“It’s amazing, I didn’t know weed was legal until I got here,” says Magnus Pedersen, 22, from Norway, who is used to visiting Amsterdam’s famous coffee shops. “Being able to blaze up on a Thai beach is another level.”

Now the question remains for the rest of Asia or even the world, when will the time come to bring such a plant of many uses, be brought to light and enjoyed as it should – all the while improving the nations quality of life?

So is weed legal in Thailand now or is this a dream?

According to Wikipedia, our query “is weed legal in Thailand now” provided us the following information;

Cannabis export and import are subject to strict regulations. While recreational marijuana use is not recommended, it is legal. – Wikipedia

Furthermore, according to BBC Asias information, we discovered that after cannabis was taken off Thailands list of prohibited drugs, marijuana is now legal for people to cultivate at home and sell. – BBC Asia

But please do your own research, we are not legal professionals and advise you to speak with a lawyer specialising in cannabis law in Thailand – as there may be a devil in the detail or to be on the safe side in case of changes in the law.

And for the love of all us cannabis enthusiasts Thailand bound, please don’t blaze one up in public places and always give ganja a good name. It took a long time for this cannabis law to change in Thailand and lets keep it moving forward for the sake of the people, the country and the world.

Follow us for updates on cannabis laws in Asia and other parts of the globe. For now, please respect your local laws if you reside outside Thailand. Despite the positive change in law regarding marijuana there, doesn’t imply your country has eased up on its laws on cannabis – so please educate yourself before you even think about possessing, purchasing, selling, trading or cultivating the happy herb.

That’s all for now & Happy 420 Fam!


About Somchai Chen

I am Somchai Chen, a cannabis enthusiast that will one day travel the world to spread the green dream. Stay with me awhile as I write to create the change we need for this world.

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