How Can I Get Cannabis Seeds for Free?

There are two choices and essentially limitless free seeds available. First, every order you place with us comes with an extra seed. Second, for every €20 you have in your cart, you can select one of our complimentary seeds! Order now to receive your free seeds!

What Seeds Are Available as Free Seeds?

With us, you have a choice of seven free seed alternatives, including a bonus seed that we add to every order and an additional free seed that you get for every €20 spent. These include CBD Lemon Potion, Auto Gorilla Glue, Amnesia Lemon, Auto Gelato, Zkittlez, Auto Zkittlez, and Gorilla Glue.

How Good Are These Free Seeds?

Of sure, I say! We exclusively purchase our seeds from trustworthy seed banks, and the free seeds you receive from us are no different. Our’ reputation is built on our free seeds, so we verify each one before shipping to ensure excellent quality. You can see for yourself after placing your first order!