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Looking for high quality autoflower seeds to grow in Thailand? View our range today.

Many novices who are considering cultivating weed at first, go for Autoflowering seeds because of their quickness, ease, and forgiving nature. Contrary to typical feminized cannabis seeds, autoflowering cannabis plants grow, bloom, and bud automatically despite lighting conditions (thus the reason it is named autoflower).

Autoflowering strains start to mature after they have grown their first true leaves, typically a week to 10 days after sprouting, whereas feminized seeds begin maturing after the vegetative period has ended and a specific number of days have passed.

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Forbidden Runtz Auto Feminized Seeds (FastBuds)


Forbidden Runtz Auto,

a brand-new cannabis seed variety from FastBuds, is impossible to resist, so get ready for the flavour of original sin. Your jars will be filled with wonderfully icy buds after just 9 weeks of growth that combine flavours of fruit straight from the Garden of Eden with sumptuous earthy scents. We dare you to smoke and consider a more strong kind because this Runtz variant is illegal for a reason—its 26 percent THC content hits hard. It's going to be difficult!

Gelato Auto Feminized Seeds From Herbies Seeds

26 percent THC Gelato Auto, one of the strongest autoflowers on the market, quickly improves mood and stimulates creative thinking. Just a few creamy hits from this strain will get you to the state of complete happiness because of its unrivalled power.

Godzilla Cookies Auto Feminized Seeds (Herbies Seeds)

Godzilla Cookies Auto is huge, brash, and heavy-hitting, which is why the famous beast is referenced in its name. This strain is the king of the monsters with enormous buds that contain 27% THC! Godzilla Cookies Auto is a wonderful commercial strain with a harmonious Indica and Sativa ratio that always leaves users wanting more.

Solomatic Auto CBD feminized seeds

Solomatic CBD is an auto - flowering strain created for people who prefer the medicinal effects of marijuana to euphoric ones. It has a startling CBD to THC ratio of 21:1 and quite modest effects. With a sweet and fruity perfume and an easy-to-grow type, you can benefit from a tranquil, relaxed frame of mind at any time of day.